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(Pocket-lint) - The Motorola Moto X will be announced on 1 August, but has been subject to all manner of leaks of official and unofficial materials. We know what it looks like, we think we know its specfications and plenty of its features.

Now the latest set of leaked screengrabs are reportedly taken from its camera user interface and - considering that they mirror a lot of what was seen in Canadian carrier Rogers Wireless' accidentally posted promotional video - it's a safe bet that they're the real deal.

Sent by an anonymous tipster to Android Police - the same site that released the benchmark tests of the purported Moto X previously - the screenshots show some of the simplicity of Motorola's proprietary camera application.

It's clean and focuses on gesture control. Horizontal swipes bring in a control wheel from the left and the gallery from the right. The twist function talked about in the Rogers video once again makes an appearance, as does the tap control which takes a picture - holding your finger down with take multiple shots in burst mode.

You will also be able to zoom by swiping your finger up and down the screen.

Pocket-lint will bring you all the Moto X news from the event as it happens.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 23 July 2013.