We've seen a fair few alleged pictures of the forthcoming Motorola Moto X Android phone floating about of late, but few that are quite as convincing as the two that have appeared on Twitter in the last few hours.

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has been snapped waving around an unspecified Motorola handset that is not recognisable when compared to those already on shelves. It has led many to believe that the white-backed phone he seemed keen to give an airing to during the Allen & Co media conference is, indeed, the brand spanking new Moto X.

is this a moto x eric schmidt is waving about  image 2

Taken by two different sources, both posting their efforts on Twitter, the pictures show an interestingly shaped device. It has a bulbous section on the rear and looks very similar to an earlier leaked shot of the back of a black version.

What hasn't been highlighted before is the mottled pattern on the back of the phone. It also looks like it will be made of solid matte plastic, rather than be cheap and shiny like some competitors.

The Moto X is rumoured to be being announced on 11 August.