Motorola has posted a job listing on LinkedIn seeking a senior director of product management for its X Phone, giving a bit of confirmation to the rumoured project.

Earlier this month, several reports turned up giving details about the X Phone, with the outlying theme that it will be crafted by Motorola with heavy Google branding, though it won't be an official Nexus device.

It is said to feature a 5-inch edge-to-edge display like the Motorola Razr M. The X Phone will also be one of the first handsets to run Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, according to rumours.

Motorola's job listing sheds light on the fact that this project is indeed real and the X Phone naming is standing for now.

Rumours claim the Mountain View-based company is set to launch the X Phone in May at Google I/O. Though as Phandroid notes, it does read as if the X Phone is still in early development, perhaps indicating Google I/O is a bit premature. But 2013 doesn't sound out of the question. 

Furthermore, the job listing asks for the prospective employee to have "a proven record of successful launches", signaling that they're looking for some serious experience. 

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