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(Pocket-lint) - New rumours are turning up in an Android forum and further afield that the much talked-about X Phone will be made by Motorola, come with a 5-inch edge-to-edge display like the Motorola Razr M (I), run the Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie operating system, and be unveiled at Google's annual Google I/O conference in San Francisco in May.

We've already heard about the X Phone before and now new details, some questionable, are surfacing that supposedly spill more beans on what we can expect later in the year.  

According to Droid Forum, the latest Motorola X news is that it won't be a Nexus device per se, but a cross-carrier device and the first to really promote the fact that Google owns Motorola.

Previously the Nexus handsets have normally been an operator exclusive - in the US on Verizon, and in the UK O2 or Vodafone.

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The site also claims the new phone will feature a 5-inch screen (similar to the newly announced Xperia Z) and come with an edge-to-edge display like the Razr M (pictured above). 

Droid Forum does warn however that it isn't 100 per cent sure of the information because it comes from an anonymous source.

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"Please take this rumour with a grain of salt, because we couldn't find any other info across the web to back it up; however, if it is just a fan-boy's imaginings, it seems very logical and well-developed," it says.

While some of the details are in line with expectations, some aren't. History shows that the Nexus phone devices are always launched towards the end of the year - normally in October - while the Google I/O events are reserved for tablets and random stuff. There are also rumours that LG is making the next Nexus - the Nexus 5 but, with stock issues still affecting the-LG made Nexus 4, we aren't putting much faith in those rumours either.

If Google were to launch the Motorola X in May, it would be the first time it has launched a phone and a major update to the Android OS.

In 2012, Google used the Google I/O event to launch the Nexus 7, Google Project Glass, and the now canned Nexus Q.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.