Motorola has released a white version of the Motorola RAZR i in time for Christmas at Phones 4u.

"Motorola and Phones 4u bring you a special treat to either spend your Christmas money on or treat yourself to as we enter a new year, with the exciting arrival of the stunning and stylish new white addition to the iconic RAZR i family," say the two companies on the news.

The white version is identical to the black model launched earlier in the year and will come with a 4.3-inch edge-to-edge screen and the Intel processor instead of a Qualcomm one.

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However, unlike the American version of the RAZR i, the RAZR M, the UK white version will be white all over, including the carbon fibre -back plate, something that isn't the case with the RAZR M.

Phones 4u will be the first to range the white RAZR i, which will be available free from £20.50 on pay monthly contracts from 22 December.