Motorola devices look set to feature improved face-recognition technology, after the manufacturer acquired Viewdle in a deal said to be worth between $30 million and $40 million.

The acquisition was confirmed by Motorola in a written statement to TechCrunch, the same statement of which Pocket-lint has also been given:

“Motorola Mobility today announced that it has acquired Viewdle, a leading imaging & gesture recognition company," it said. "Motorola and Viewdle have an existing commercial agreement and have been collaborating for some time." Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Motorola’s Mobility sector is owned by Google after it was brought by the internet giant. This leads us to wonder whether it won’t just be Motorola handsets that are set to benefit from improved face-recognition technology, but also other Android handsets in Google’s portfolio.

That’s not to mention Google’s own augmented reality Project Glass eyewear that Messrs Brin and Page have sporadically shown off this past year. Could Viewdle’s know-how be used in them, too?