Who said the clamshell phone was dead? Not Motorola that’s for sure. The Motorola Gleam+ is all about style, albeit of retro variety. Yep there’s even an LED display on the front of the phone that will alert you to any messages, calls or notifications. Old School! 

While we mock, we have to admit there is a somewhat yesteryear appeal to the Motorola Gleam+, which is a follow-up to last year’s original Gleam, and has an even more appealing price tag. Tesco Mobile is offering the handset free on a £10 a month contract as long as you sign up to a 24-month contract, which will make the phone even more retro in two years time.

Of course at this price point features are few and far between, with a two-megapixel camera, MP3 player and FM radio being the highlights. However, if you’re after a quaint, easy to use handset, or were simply a big fan of 2007 then the Motorola Gleam+ might be the phone for you.

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