Motorola has teased wireless charging as a headline feature for CES 2012, if our interpretation of their teaser video is correct.

The video, posted on Saturday 7 January, simply shows an unhappy Dual Port Universal Charger shedding a tear, before inviting you to "Stay Unplugged". 

The immediate suggestion would be that Motorola is going to introduce inductive charging, but with recent updates to their mobile and tablet lines, does that mean we're going to see a run of new devices that support inductive charging launched as well?

Or perhaps there are already some in circulation, or planned? Add wireless charging to the Motorola RAZR or the Xoom Media Edition and we're sure lots would be very happy.

Of course, Motorola have cut most of the wires already, preferring you use MotoCast to access your content rather than throwing it into the internal memory.

There isn't too much more to go on, but with CES 2012 getting underway, it won't be long until we have all the details.