Iwan Thomas is better known for his speedy 400m than tackling a Pocket-lint fast five, but that's what we put to the former Olympic athlete.

No stranger to challenges and awards, Iwan Thomas, can not only claim to be 1996 BBC Welsh Sports Personality of the Year (Runner up), 1997 National Hairdressing Association Head of the Year, Olympic 400m silver medallist, Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, but now also Pocket-lint fast five veteran. 

Taking a break from training for his next challenge, First Nation Home, which is a team race round the UK in support of Sport Relief, we caught up with Iwan Thoams at the UK launch of the Motorola ACTV.

But what makes Iwan tick when it comes to gadgets?

1. What phone do you use?

I've just got a Mototola RAZR, so I'm going to say that. My last phone was an iPhone, not the latest version, but the one before. [Some fumbling follows and an iPhone 4 emerges, sporting a blue cover.]

2. What's your current app of choice?

The latest app I downloaded is quite funny, it's called the Newport Slang Translator. It's basically a list of sayings that it tells you in a Newport accent, and then it has the English translation of it. Check it out - it may not be the most useful but it's very good in the pub.

3. What are your favourite gadgets or pieces of technology of all time?

All time? Wow, that's a hard one. The mobile phone, I definitely can't live without that. Satnav, I know these things are all built into one nowadays. I'd also go with the DVD player. Twitter, I can't live without my Twitter. That's my favourite thing, if you classify that as a gadget.

iwan thomas talks tech  image 2

4. What was the latest gadget you bought?

It must be my 3D TV. Although I dropped it. I got a 55-inch 3D TV and, as tried to put it up on the wall, I dropped it and it's now got an 8-inch gash on it. It still works though. I went on the Internet and someone said to use toothpaste and a rubber to sort it out. Everyone said definitely don't try and scratch over the scratch. You can't see it when it's turned on, but when it's off you can.

5. If you could invent a gadget to do something for you, what would it be?

They've already done it. Something to clean my house, a robot vacuum. I'd like a robot that cooks, cleans and washes my car … and other things that I won't say.

Iwan Thomas is an ambassador for the Motorola ACTV, the new sport and music device from Motorola. 

- Fast Five with Mark Coop