Motorola's much anticipated Droid 4 is set to launch the same day as Samsung's Galaxy Nexus phone. A Verizon document points to a 8 December arrival for the new phone.

The launch date hasn't been totally confirmed for the new device and it is important to remember that the Galaxy Nexus isn't set in stone either. 

More exciting however is the spec sheet listed on, which shows off what the Droid 4 is going to be capable. A 4 inch super AMOLED display, Razr looks and backlit 5 row keyboard are just the start of this feature packed handset. Moto has always performed with its Droid handsets and this Gingerbread powered release will likely be the same. The 1080p capable cam on the back as well as HDMI output and 4G LTE has us thinking that it is going to be packing plenty of RAM and processor power as well.

Amazing that if true, Moto is planning on releasing another phone before Christmas, particularly given the RAZR has only just arrived on the scene. 

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