Motorola has thrown a serious tech curveball with the MotoACTV, a fitness-centric take on the iPod Touch. 

The ACTV can be worn like a watch or clipped on to everything from your bike to arm, it then tracks your location, calories, distance and speed to try and build up a picture of your fitness.

Based on the "fundamentals of Android" the ACTV also works with the SF700 and SF500 bluetooth headsets, using the former to track your heart rate.

Inside is a 600MHz processor wrapped up safe in a waterproof, dust proof and scratch proof shell and tough capacitive touchscreen. The thing itself is a 46mm square weighing in at 36g.

The ACTV is going to arrive in two forms on 6 November in the US, an 8GB and a 16GB version capable of holding up to 4000 tracks priced in at $249 and $299. There is also an FM radio and audio based trainer should things get a bit boring on the music library front. 

Motorola has also announced, which will sync up with your ACTV via Wi-Fi and allow you to publish running and fitness stats to Facebook and Twitter.

Whilst we like the ACTV we have to say, we would miss the Mickey Mouse clock on our nano. Still it might encourage a few Pocket-linters to shift a few pounds. 

What do you think of the ACTV? Worth it? Or iPod Nano your thing? Let us know in the comments below ...