Pocket-lint spent a good 20 minutes this morning kicking our PC and calling Gmail all sorts of rude words. For you see, we thought our systems were playing silly games with us, and sending us press releases from 2004.

But then we looked closely and saw that the press release for the Motorola Gleam was dated 10 May 2011.

But surely not, as the Gleam is cleary just an old Razr clamshell device? We mean, there's no smartphone OS on board, a paltry 2-megapixel camera and a spec sheet boasting about 32MB of flash and 16MB of RAM.

Other hi-tech inclusions are a 2.4-inch QVGA display and the ability to send texts, MMS and emails. You can even browse using the WAP 2.0 support.

Welcome to the future.

"Motorola Gleam is a stylish and fun phone that also offers consumers a number of key entertainment features," said Andrew Morley, vice president of marketing for Motorola Mobility, international markets.

"It’s also a little quirky, with its lighting design letting you stand out from the crowd and make a statement."

For "quirky" read "seriously outdated". Come on Motorola, what is the point?

Sure, it's less than £50 but with the budget Android (and even Bada) range growing at a rapid rate, the Gleam is hardly likely to shine.

It's available now. We won't be covering the queue.