Motorola, fresh from announcing the Droid Pro, has also unleashed five more Android handsets into the smartphone wild.

So in no particular order.....

First up is the Motorola Spice. (And if you think Spice is a bad name, wait for the next one). The Spice is an Android 2.1 touting device, with a full QWERTY slider and a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen. It also boasts a 3-megapixel camera and, for the eco-conscious amongst you, you'll also be interested to know that 25 per cent of its parts are made of post consumer recycled materials.

motorola plays the android numbers game image 2

Next is the Motorola Citrus (we did warn you). The Citrus looks as if it's basically the Spice, but without the physical QWERTY. Like the Spice, it has got HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AGPS connectivity and also features the Backtrack panel; meaning you don't actually have to touch the touchscreen, you can control it from the back.

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The Motorola Bravo has a bit more to it. It is Android 2.1, is powered by an 800MHz processor and features a 3.7-inch WVGA touchscreen, a 3-megapixel camera and it is DLNA enabled.

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The Motorola Flipside (you guessed it, Android 2.1) has a full horizontal slider QWERTY and has a 3.1-inch high-res HVGA display which supports pinch to zoom gesturing. It also has a laptop-like track pad and the UI is taken care of by Motoblur.

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Finally, Motorola also announced the US availability of the Flipout, which we've already seen (and reviewed) over here in Blighty.

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All of these phones are due out before the end of the year, AT&T has already announced that it will be selling the Bravo, Flipout and Flipside.

UK details are unclear at the moment, but we'll bring you any news as soon as we get it.