Motorola's Milestone XT720 when it launched promised processor speeds up to 720Mhz, but when it actually came down to it those speeds were more like 550Mhz.

Put that difference into the phone and not only do you have an Android handset that isn't as fast as it should be, but one that we found a little sluggish.

Thankfully Motorola seem to have realised this and therefore are issuing an upgrade, not of the hardware, but access to more speed via a software update.

"Hello. XT720 of either UK or German origin can now download new software that increases the processor speed (to 720mhz)," say Motorola on the company's official Facebook page.

If that wasn't enough to please owners of the phone that have so far been struggling, then maybe the fact that they will also be getting DLNA functionality added in as well, will.

The update should be available now. 

In related news, Motorola has also confirmed that it the Milestone will be getting the Flash 10.1 with its Android 2.2 update. 

"Hello. Given some questions raised recently from the community and on the web, we wanted to confirm that Flash 10.1 will be supported in the planned upgrade of Milestone to Android 2.2."

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Motorola Milestone XT720 review