Motorola has pulled the covers off the not-too-surprising Milestone 2 and Pocket-lint were on hand to give the new phone a good going over. We knew what was coming, however, thanks to a leaked promo video, and the specs of the Droid 2 - which is essentially a sister product.

The Milestone 2 has much of the same hardware as the Droid 2 (although on the GSM network rather than CDMA), but also now comes with Motoblur, which the original Milestone didn't.

The biggest hardware change is in the alteration of the keyboard, resulting in a keyboard much more like the Motorola Dext, removing the navipad and replacing it with conventional cursor keys.

Being an Android 2.2 device it comes packed with the latest features, including Flash support, and we gave it a try on some advertising in the margins of Pocket-lint, which played in-browser without a hitch.

The hardware feels good quality in the hand and the screen is certainly bright, if not quite having the impact of the Samsung Galaxy S.

The Milestone 2 will be landing in Europe in Q4, so not long to wait until we have all the details of how much it will cost you and where you can get one from. 

We will keep you posted.