Motorola has confirmed the launch of Milestone 2 - the successor to the original Milestone, and bringing Motoblur to the Android party - as Pocket-lint had already learned from a leaked promo video.

Android fans will be glad to hear that the Milestone 2 will ship with Android 2.2 (Froyo). Sitting at the core will be the familiar 1GHz processor we’ve seen rolled out in most smartphones of late, with 8GB of onboard memory in addition to the usual expansion slot.

The Milestone 2 comes with Motoblur enhanced, which is essentially an evolution of the system. This allows additional filtering options, so you can cut down on the social mess that we experienced when we first saw the first implementation of Motoblur on the Motorola Dext.

The navipad from Milestone 1 has now been removed with a more conventional arrangement of cursor keys coming in place, designed to give a more tactile response from the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The Milestone 2 can also be deployed as a mobile hotspot, allowing connection of up to 5 devices. This tethering may be network dependent, so make sure you check before you part with your cash.

A Motorola spokesperson took advantage of the launch to point out that Motorola had great basic performance from the "radio" (i.e., great reception), taking a swipe at Apple's recent signal problems on the iPhone 4 by showing the Milestone 2 being used as a modem to watch HD content online. You also get Flash 10.1 as this is an Android 2.2 device.

You'll find a 5-megapixel camera around the back, which now supports 720p HD video capture, all of which can be shared on your home network via DLNA.

The phone will be available in Q4 and Motorola said it was working with numerous network partners, but couldn't confirm details of launch networks or the price.