The problem with criticising your competitors in public is that they have the right to retaliate as well, and that's exactly what Motorola has done with a new press advert in the US.

Rather like Samsung's two fold advert in the UK where it suggested the Samsung Galaxy S was "Getting a good reception" and "Hello" where the "ll"s were reception bars from a phone, Motorola has gone down the "No jacket required" route for its slogan.

If the slogan wasn't enough to make you go "ouch" the opening gambit of the blurb shown underneath the picture of the Droid X by Motorola says:

"At Motorola, we believe a customer shouldn't have to dress up their phone for it to work properly", before going on to say "That's why the Droid X comes with a dual antenna design. The kind that allows you to hold the phone any way you like to make crystal clear calls without a bulky phone jacket".

We aren't sure about you, but we can't help thinking of Phil Collins, disappointingly he fails to make an appearance anywhere.

Oh well.