Italian blog has reported that Motorola is ready to present its square phone to the world. Apparently named Flipout, presumably to play against the Motorola Backflip launched earlier in the year, the device will be available in the States next month if reports are to be believed.

It's a strange looking handset - square shaped with a twist-able QWERTY keyboard hidden by the 2.8-inch screen. It runs Android 2.1 and, under the bonnet, is reporting a 3.1-megapixel camera, GPS and a 700Mhz processor. From the looks of the picture the user interface seems to be Motorola's BLUR.

It's going to be available in three colours - black, green or pink.

It's not however the first square handset available, with Nokia launching the square Nokia 7705 Twist last year with AT&T in the US. It featured a square form factor and screen with a, you guessed it, twist out QWERTY keyboard. 

Fugly phone or a piece of brilliant design? Let us know what you think.