Remember the Motorola Motoroi Android handset we snapped at the Motorola stand at Mobile World Congress in February? Well Motorola has confirmed to Pocket-lint that while that specific model won't be making it out of South Korea, a better model will.

The news comes as the company launches the Motorola XT701, yet another variant on the Motoroi design at an event in Taipei. The XT701 is based on the same design as the Motoroi, sports a faster HSPA connectivity, but dumbs down on the camera front offering only a 5-Megapixel camera.

So what does this have to do with a new UK handset? Well, it seems like Motorola will launch a device based on the same, or at least a similar design, but with even better features in the UK, sources within the company have exclusively told Pocket-lint.

From what we were told, the new handset should launch within the next few months, it will have an 8-megapixel camera with a Xenon flash just like the Motoroi and it will be able to play back and record 720p video. It will also have a mini HDMI connector, just like the Motoroi, but we were told to expect different components inside.

This should include a faster processor, although our source wasn’t giving us any specific details here.

Motorola is lagging behind HTC and some of the other Android handset manufacturers a little bit here, as Motorola has yet to release a single Android handset with a processor faster than 600MHz. 

On the software side we should see Android 2.1, which co-incidentally is the version shipping on the XT710 while the Motoroi gets to make do with Android 2.0.

It’s also very likely that Motorola will install its Motoblur UI on the UK version of this handset, our man on the inside told us, although it will be down to operators as to whether or not they will take it with or without Motorola's interface. Interestingly it's something the XT701 and Motoroi won’t have.

And those not keen on the idea of this new yet unannounced handset, don't worry, our source told us to expect to see a lot more Android devices from Motorola this year.