Remember that date we told you to mark on your calendar? The date when the Motorola Droid would be getting its update to Android 2.1? Well, we hope you didn't use a permanent marker or anything, because it's been postponed indefinitely.

Mobile leaks site Boy Genius Report is reporting that the update is now marked as "TBD" - meaning that a date of release hasn't been determined. Rumour has it that a last-minute bug was found in the update, meaning that the whole thing has had to be delayed and started over.

Of course, this is the downside of custom UIs on Android - every operator has to roll out their own patches, rather than global patches getting rolled out to all Android devices at once. HTC has repeatedly delayed any update for the HTC Hero's software, and there's still no firm date set for its introduction.

Although it doesn't seem like a major issue, the splintering of the Android ecosystem could really prove to be a slowing factor in the takeup of Google's mobile platform.