Motorola has announced a new Android phone at Mobile World Congress - its eighth such device for the Google mobile platform.

The "QUENCH with MOTOBLUR" as Motorola calls the new phone will launch in the States as the CLIQ XT where it will be a T-Mobile USA exclusive.

With MOTOBLUR for syncing with social services, the touchscreen handset has a 3.1-inch display with pinch and zoom capabilities while there's also a touch pad on the front of the phone for navigation.

The 3G QUENCH boasts a dual microphones and noise cancellation tech, a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash, voice-activated search, Wi-Fi access, A-GPS, stereo Bluetooth and Adobe Flash Lite for browsing.

The QUENCH with MOTOBLUR version is due to be available in various regions in Q1 2010, while in the US T-Mobile CLIQ XT will go on sale next month.