Following the announcement that the Motorola Devour Android handset featuring  MotoBLUR would be released on Verizon, official specs for the Devour have now also surfaced. The most notable surprise from the release involves Adobe Flash Lite being on board, even in the browser. There is no clarification yet on the version, but it is presumed to be 1.3.

Flash support in general though represents one feature of the Devour that the higher end Motorola Droid doesn't have, or at least for now since Motorola did announce plans to bring Flash to the Droid sometime in the first half of 2010.

However, while mobile browser Flash compatibility may still be giving Adobe and Apple headaches with the iPhone, it's not a first for the Android operating system. That title goes instead to the HTC Hero, which became the first Android phone to ship with Flash earlier last summer. 

Though Motorola's spec sheet does not specify the Devour's exact processor, many believe it is using the same 600MHz Qualcomm chipset found in the Palm Pixie. This is noteworthy since Palm announced it would not be adding Flash to the Pixie due to spec constraints. Subsequently Flash's presence on the Devour could either imply an efficiency gain offered by Flash Lite over Palm's webOS Flash 10.1 player, or conversely hint at potential Flash performance issues on the phone should the processor speculation be true.  

Regardless of industry rumours, the announced capability to view videos on the Devour is definitely one feature that should add to this mid range Android handset's market appeal. Most other specs related the phone fell in line with previous coverage. The Devour will ship with an 8GB SD card, run Android 1.6, and include a 3-megapixel camera with digital zoom along with video capture functionality at 23fps. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, will round off the device's feature set from a connectivity standpoint.