A survey of 3500 Europeans conducted by Motorola has revealed that 84% of people consider themselves to be "constantly connected", and that their connectivity brings "emotional benefits", making them feel "peaceful", "relaxed" and "confident".

The survey, titled "The Motorola Media Engagement Barometer", was conducted by phone in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK in November and December 2009. It split the population into three groups - those aged 16-29, 30-45 and 46-64, labelling them "Millennials", "Generation Xers" and "Baby Boomers" respectively.

Interestingly, the results indicate that a digital divide no longer exists between these groups - connectivity percentages were similar in all three age groups. However, there was a gap between generations in how many people transferred content between devices in their home - 87% of Millennials do this, compared to 72% of Gen Xers and just 57% of Baby Boomers.

61% of Europeans (and 69% of Brits) added that they expect to be able to access the same content "on the go" as they do at home - meaning that mobile applications seem to be finding their target. Only 70% of Brits, however, watch live television once a week - a figure that seems to be falling in the face of the growth of catch-up services and PVRs.

However, 51% of Brits are struggling with the flood of information that being constantly connected brings, implying that the future is bright for "filter" services that crawl the Web to deliver the best of the Internet, without any of the rubbish.

Lastly, one UK-specific figure that stood out is that in Britain, people are just as likely to want to watch video content on their mobile phones as they are on their computers - it seems like the small screen sizes available on mobile doesn't seem to be putting anyone off at all.

Are you constantly connected? And how do you feel about it? Is that flood of information too much, or does it relax you? Tell us in the comments below.