The Google Nexus Two could well be made by Motorola, as the phone manufacturer has confirmed it is working with the online giant on a device. During a conference call with analysts, Moto's co-CEO Sanjay Jha said one of 20 new smartphones planned for 2010 would be a "direct to consumer device with Google".

The direct to consumer quote references how Google offers the current Nexus One - made by long-time Google collaborator HTC - unlocked, via a website, rather than through the more traditional operator route.

Although this time a year ago the news that Google was working with Motorola on an exclusive device might have come as a surprise, Motorola has upped its stakes in the Android market with the Droid/Milestone, the Cliq/Dext and the coming-soon Motoroi.

The Google-Moto effort may also offer a next-gen version of the Motoblur interface with Jha revealing: “We plan to broaden the scope of MotoBlur by doing to multimedia what we did to social messaging by enabling users to share music, photos and other content in an interactive and dynamic way”.