While the 2009 Pocket-lint Gagdet Awards honoured the HTC Hero as far as phones go, American magazine Time has given Motorola's new Droid the title of gadget of the year.

The top slot, which last year went to the Apple iPhone for invention of the year, will be a good boost for Motorola, Verizon which offers the device, and the Android platform as a whole.

Time says the Droid won for offering free turn-by-turn GPS through Google Maps Navigation, for its 3.7-inch touchscreen and for its hardware QWERTY keyboard.

The latest version of the iPhone, the 3GS, got a fourth place slot, the Barnes & Noble Nook came in at second and the Dell Adamo XPS hit sixth place.

The Motorola Droid has not yet launched in the UK - it's due to start shipping anytime now from etailer Expansys under the "Motorola Milestone" moniker.