We've been doing a little bit of digging to find out who, in the UK, will be offering Motorola's forthcoming Droid handset. The Android 2.0-sporting QWERTY slider scored a whopping 9/10 in its Pocket-lint review, but given that it's supposed to be due on Friday in the States, we're not seeing any sign of the handset in Britain.

We gave all the UK operators a call to find out exactly whether any of them were planning on stocking the device. O2 told us that it wasn't going to be selling the handset, despite its German wing selling it as the "Milestone". 3 said the same thing - there are no current plans to offer the handset at this time.

T3 spoke to Nicola Shenton, head of handset and device marketing at T-Mobile UK, who told the magazine that the company had tested the phone, but passed it up. We also talked to Orange and Vodafone. Orange told us that it had nothing to announce other than the fact it's selling the Motorola DEXT, and Vodafone promised to call us back and haven't.

From that, we can rule out three of the major five operators. Orange is looking likely, especially given the non-denial when other networks were happy to confirm "no".  We'll update you as and when we hear more from Orange or Vodafone.