Suggesting a UK annoucement might not be too far off, it's been revealed the Droid by Motorola, recently jointly announced with Verizon in the US, is to launch in another country soon.

O2 Germany is to offer the new Android handset, but under a different name - Droid being what Verizon has dubbed its forthcoming family of Android-based phones.

In Germany the Droid will launch as the GSM "Milestone" sometime in November although details for consumers are yet to be confirmed.

Whether this suggests the phone may be an O2 offering in the UK - the operator already boasts the iPhone and the Palm Pre in its device portfolio - is anyone's guess.

Pocket-lint got in touch with Motorola in the UK as the Droid was announced to see when it might be touching down in the UK. At the time a Motorola spokesperson said:

"We've not yet announced availability of this device in other markets, but look forward to continuing to expand our Android-based portfolio around the world".