Rumours of a phone-themed project from Microsoft code-named "Pink" have been doing the rounds since spring this year, but more information is coming to light now, as well as talk of a new Microsoft tablet.

Over the last couple of days a few online news sources are quoting various insider, or close-to-the-matter sources that have information about the two projects.

As far as the Pink phone goes, the received wisdom appears to be that it will be a Windows Phone, Microsoft-branded but not Microsoft-made.

One source has Sharp down as the manufacturer producing two models, while a Sidekick look and feel is a strong favourite, with content due to be available from the Zune store.

Possibly a Windows Mobile 7 device, it's not expected until late 2010, although a January 2010 announcement is not thought to be out of the question.

As far as the tablet goes, Microsoft's Surface team is said to be involved, perhaps suggesting a wider product line/branding than just the current table-top computer.

With possible project lead from Microsoft's chief experience officer J Allard, word on the street has it that Microsoft is waiting to see Apple's rumoured tablet before getting official with its rival device.