Microsoft has released a case study that covers how an iPhone application was successfully ported onto the Windows Mobile platform.

The document, entitled "Porting the Amplitude Application from the iPhone to a Windows Mobile Device", details "the efforts and experiences of an iPhone application developer in porting the iPhone application Amplitude to a phone running Windows Mobile 6.5".

Although this case study, published on the Microsoft Developer Network site, only covers one particular app, it's part of a push from Microsoft to attract iPhone developers over to its platform, ahead of the launch of its Microsoft Marketplace for Mobile.

The App Store rival is due to launch in the autumn, and although Windows Mobile could be argued to be a more established platform than Apple's iPhone, Microsoft has got some catching up to do as far as Apple's App Store goes.

Apple recently revealed in its year headstart that it had reached a download milestone of 1.6 billion applications, with 65,000 apps available and more than 100,000 developers in the iPhone Developer Program.