The holding page for Microsoft's nattily-named "Windows Marketplace for Mobile" has gone live.

Stating just "coming soon", the site says the service will be "putting applications at your fingertips that make life more fun".

The online offering will let users "discover free and premium apps", "download instantly to your phone" and "shop securely from anywhere", confirming the store will be web-based.

At launch Microsoft said it wanted to create a central place for Windows Mobile apps:

"We currently have 20,000 applications available for Windows Mobile devices", said James Blamey, group product manager for Microsoft mobile communications business. "It would be good to get that choice to phone users easily".

Microsoft has not confirmed a date for the official opening of the Marketplace for Mobile app store, it was previously said to be in time for Christmas 2009, although with the holding page live already, perhaps the plan is to launch sooner.