Not exactly the most searching of interviews, as it was conducted by Microsoft's own PR team, but the software company has published a chat with Terry Myerson, corporate vice president for Exchange online.

The reason for the interview is of course the news that the iPhone is to get some nice business-friendly "enterprise" features, including push email, thanks to Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync.

Myerson says: "We're happy that Apple is adding the iPhone to the growing number of mobile devices that connect with Exchange Server".

"As part of a business agreement with Microsoft, Apple will build Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync into the iPhone – making it possible for iPhone owners to access Exchange and take advantage of its secure mobile communications features."

When asked: "This announcement has been widely rumored for a while now. How is it that two rivals like Microsoft and Apple can come together on such a big announcement?", Myerson's answer is little more interesting, revealing the timescale behind the patnership:

"People like to think Microsoft and Apple are at opposite ends of the technology spectrum, but despite the perception of a Microsoft-Apple rivalry, today's announcement is actually one in a long history of cooperation between the two companies."

"We started talking with Apple about licensing Exchange ActiveSync before the launch of the iPhone last year. In fact, I met with Apple senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller almost daily for a period of two weeks ironing out the details of the agreement. The result is a true collaboration between Microsoft and Apple."

"We continue to compete with Apple in the computer arena and media player business."