Microsoft has confirmed that it is talking to Nokia about offering the Windows Mobile operating system on its mobile phones, just don't expect anything soon.

"There are a lot of discussions happening with Nokia", Pieter Knook, senior vice president, Mobile Communications Business for Microsoft said to journalists at the company's press conference in Barcelona, Spain. "But before we move on to other operators, lets celebrate Sony Ericsson coming onboard first."

Sony Ericsson has used Microsoft's latest mobile operating system in its newest handset announced on Sunday. The Xperia handset will be heavily customised, but uses Mobile 6 at its core.

"We thought we could do better than other handset makers with a Windows Mobile device", Rikko Sakaguchi, senior vice president and head of product and application planning at Sony Ericsson confidently said.

But Reuters has reported Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Nokia's CEO, as saying that the phone company does not intend to offer phones running the Windows Mobile operating system.

"We don't have plans to do Windows in mobile at the moment", Kallasvuo is quoted as stating.