Microsoft has today unveiled a Vista-esque version of its phone platform, Windows Mobile 6.

It's added features that have previously only been available on a PC. For example, it introduces Windows Live to the mobile for instant messaging with multiple contacts and allows sending of files or images.

It can also view and edit documents in Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint formats, and lets users view emails in their HTML format as they would in their regular email client.

Other changes include better search that seems to work similarly to Mac's Spotlight; users simple input the first few words of a song or email to find them.

Security hasn't been neglected either; now data can be encrypted for storage on the phone itself as well as a removable memory card.

Microsoft has said that Windows Mobile 5 applications should work on the new OS, as they're both based on the same core coding.

Both a touchscreen version, called Windows Mobile Professional, and a non-touchscreen version, dubbed Windows Mobile Standard are available; there's also a PDA version, Windows Mobile Classic, for non-phone devices.

Hidden in the platform but not yet activated is support for VoIP, which service providers and application designers can then choose to employ on Wi-Fi enabled phones.