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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft's Surface Duo folding phone tablet hybrid has occupied a curious place in the market ever since its release, and it isn't getting any less niche of a proposition with time. With a unique design and two screens, it's a potentially hugely useful bit of kit.

It's also, though, slightly long in the tooth when it comes to specs, having been first detailed long before its release but never upgraded internally in the intervening time. Still, Microsoft clearly isn't giving up on its interesting little device. 

Panos Panay has taken to Twitter to announce an update for the phone which brings a new level of integration with Microsoft's big gaming thrust - Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The membership brings with it the ability to stream Xbox games on your phone.

Until now, though, it hasn't been able to take advantage of the Surface Duo's two screens. The update, though, brings integrated and specific touch controls to the Duo for more than 50 Game Pass titles, making them more fun to play.

It's a really nice touch that quite rightly takes advantage of the fact that Microsoft has its hands on the levers for all things Game Pass, just as it does for all things Surface Duo - it might as well make the most of the connection. 

Whether it'll persuade anyone who hasn't yet bought a Duo to fork out for it isn't quite as clear, although recent price cuts are likely to also entice a few more people to take the plunge. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 25 May 2021.