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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is moving to better support Android phone notifications, rolling out an update to the Your Phone app.

The update will bring all notifications to your desktop and allow you to act on them, mirroring the experience that you'd get on your phone.

Your Phone was announced in 2018 forming a tighter synchronisation between Windows 10 and Android, allowing, for example, access to recent photos on your phone. The addition of notifications was announced in April for Windows Insiders, meaning you could dismiss notifications on your PC and have that reflected on the phone.

It now looks like it's rolling out to everyone, with Thurrott reporting that it's going to introduce a new feature called "notification chasing". This will mirror the phone experience so you can take action - and in the future will also support Android's quick notifications. The update is expected to be available to all by 9 July.

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Apple has the upper hand within its ecosystem, offering a tight experience across its platforms and the update to Your Phone is the latest step in getting the diverse Android ecosystem working with Windows. Google too is at a disadvantage - while Android and Chrome share a lot, there's still a disparity in how the two systems operate.

This isn't the first or only way to get Android notifications on your PC (Cortana could also do it) - and in reality - whether those notifications matter or not is a different story, given that many apps and services might also be running natively on your PC.

However, if you're looking for a closer experience between Android and Windows, then Your Phone might be it. 

Writing by Chris Hall.