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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft wants to have everyone playing with 3D with its forthcoming release of Windows 10 Creator Update, coming in 2017. 

Presenting new features of the update, Megan Saunders, general manager at Microsoft, briefly talked about 3D capture, an essential part of the 3D puzzle. Rather than just taking a photo or video of an object, Microsoft demonstrated 3D scanning of that object instead. 

Walking around a sandcastle on the stage, it was scanned and made available in the new Paint 3D software as a 3D object that could then be used with other objects to create a new 3D scene.

Microsoftwindows 3d capture experience will be designed to work on all devices image 2

That capture wasn't done on a fancy device, but a regular HP Elite X3 Windows Phone. However, Saunders said that Microsoft will "envision this experience on any device", suggesting that this won't be limited to capture from a Windows Phone.

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Microsoft appears to be targeting 3D creation as a major element of its future strategy for Windows and we're hoping that Android and iPhone capture will play a part in that.

Moving forward, Microsoft will be supporting all this 3D content through the Edge browser and letting you view 3D worlds with your HoloLens, or via any of the VR headsets that Microsoft it lining up from partners like Asus and Acer.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 26 October 2016.