Microsoft has long been rumoured to be working on its own smartphone - the Surface Phone - destined to run the company's Windows 10 operating system.

While leaks were plentiful a couple of years ago, with reports suggesting the device had been "green lit" and was being worked on by the Surface tablet team, things have been quiet more recently. This is everything we know so far about Microsoft's Surface Phone. 

Release date and price

  • May 2016 first suggested
  • April 2017 then claimed
  • 2019 and still no word

It was first rumoured that Microsoft was aiming for a May 2016 release for its Surface Phone, though this date then moved to April 2017 after a report from Windows Central claimed the company was planning to launch a Redstone 2 update with new hardware in April 2017.

Of course, we are several years past April 2017 now and there is still no sign of a Microsoft Surface Phone, or much to suggest it is coming soon.

In terms of price, if the Microsoft Surface Phone ever does appear, we'd expect a premium price tag like the Surface tablets.

Microsoft Surface Phone rumours: What's happened so far?

31 May 2018: Microsoft Surface Phone back on the cards; Windows 10 on ARM, Snapdragon 850 SoC

WinFuture found some Qualcomm documents suggesting Dell is working on a Surface Phone that will be powered by a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor and will run Windows 10 on ARM. 

The Surface Phone, codenamed Januss, is said to have three screens, two on the inside of a foldable body and one on the outside so it can still be used when it's folded shut.


7 November 2016: Are these images of the Microsoft Surface phone?

Leaker Evan Blass shared some images on Twitter showing a smartphone running Windows 10. It wasn't clear at the time, or confirmed, that it's the Microsoft Surface Phone, with some media outlets claiming it was a Windows Phone made by Dell instead.

Evan BlassMicrosoft Surface Phone rumour round up feature image 1

12 September 2016: Microsoft to kill Lumia line by end of 2016, Surface phones going forward

A report from Winbeta suggested Microsoft would be ditching the Lumia line by the end of 2016, focusing on Surface Phone going forward. 

Winbeta also claimed the much-rumoured Surface Phone would be announced at an event in October 2016. It comes after Microsoft's director of engineering, Laura Butler, tweeted about the handset with a cryptic tease.

"Surface Phone not NOT confirmed," she wrote. The double negative was taken by many to mean that the handset does exist.

26 April 2016: Surface Phone expected April 2017

Windows Central reported that Microsoft planned to launched its Surface Phone by April 2017. The delay from the original 2016 date was said to be down to the company waiting for the completion of Microsoft Redstone 2, said to bring new features for PC and especially mobile. 

The report also said we can expect Microsoft to focus on the Surface Phone being the most secure in the world, as well as the best for productivity. 

25 April 2016: Microsoft Surface Phone might be first to bring 8GB of RAM and Snapdragon 830

Forbes discovered a chipset called MSM8998 on a list of compatible chipsets for Windows 10 on Microsoft's minimum hardware requirements page.

This chipset was thought to be Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 CPU, which led some to assume the Microsoft Surface Phone would come with that, along with 8GB of RAM. Those specifications aren't so impressive now, but they would have been in 2016.

3 December 2015: Microsoft Surface Phone in the works for 2016

The Daily Express reported that industry sources had claimed Microsoft was given the green light for an Intel-powered Surface Phone that would showcase its Windows 10 operating system.

2 December 2015: First Microsoft 'Surface Phone' likely in the works, might debut in October

Reports suggest that Panos Panay, who led the team of engineers who developed the Surface and Surface Book, is putting his efforts toward a phone.

The device is expected to be the long-awaited Surface phone and could be ready for a release in late-2016. Windows Central said Microsoft is still hammering out details, such as design, hardware, and features, and that stuff won't be finalised until mid-2016.

9 April 2015: Concept renders appear of Microsoft Surface Phone

PC World picked up some concept renders from graphic designer Nadir Aslam that presented the Surface Phone with several features, including a phone-sized keyboard like the Surface Tablet.

8 May 2014: Intel and Microsoft working together

CNET reported that an Intel-based Surface product is also expected at Microsoft's May 20 2014 event, which Bloomberg had initially reported. This led some to believe that Microsoft and Intel were working on the Surface Phone together, but this has yet to become a reality.