Microsoft has been working toward porting its Windows Word Flow phone keyboard to iOS, and we're only now starting to hear more about what the new iteration will look like as well as how it will work.

Blogger and The Verge have both described the keyboard's layout, and apparently, it features a one-handed mode that's sort of fanned out. The Windows 10 Mobile keyboard also has a one-handed mode, but instead of working on each side, allowing you to swipe letters or type with either hand, the iOS keyboard serves up a fan-shaped keyboard layout.

We assume this setup is designed for thumb-texting rather than using either hand off to the side. It's interesting to say the least, and we'll be sure to test it as soon as we get the chance. Beyond the one-handed mode, the rest of the Word Flow app for iOS looks and works like the Windows Phone version. It features word suggestions, emoji, the ability to swipe letters, etc.

The Vergemicrosoft is making a one handed iphone keyboard with a weird fanned out layout image 3

Microsoft is expected to launch Word Flow to iOS in the coming months. An Android version is also in the works and should arrive later this year.