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(Pocket-lint) - A new preview build of Windows 10 is now available for those who have a spare Windows Phone handset lying around. It's not completely ready for public consumption yet, hence being available as part of the Insider program still, but it does add several new features that previous versions didn't so could be worth a look regardless.

Getting the Insider Preview Build 10080 requires a few hoops to be jumped through if you haven't been party to previous versions, but it's easy enough to obtain. You will need a Lumia 930, 640, 640 XL or HTC One (M8) for Windows however, as they are the only phones supported by the download.

If you have any of those handsets and are willing to chance preview - even if it is a little flaky still - we explain how to download and install it below. But first check out the new features that come with 10080 to see if you fancy bothering at this present time.

What's new in Windows 10 Build 10080?

Windows Store Beta for phones

Microsoft has used Universal Windows Platform code to build a version of the new app store for phones. It looks similar to the PC version if you've already seen the preview build of the OS for computers.

You can pay for apps and software through the beta store using credit or gift cards, even PayPal, but the carrier billing service as touted at the Build conference in San Francisco recently still doesn't work yet.

Movies and TV shows can be bought through the store but music is yet to be added.

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Universal Office apps

You can now download the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote Preview apps from the beta store.

Xbox app

The Xbox app has been added to give an idea of how Xbox game integration will be key to the Windows 10 phone experience. You can access your activity feed, achievements, friends list, watch game DVR clips and more by linking it to your Xbox Live account, plus connect the device to your Xbox One in a SmartGlass way.

Music Preview app

The new app gives access to music stored on the phone, plus all songs added to OneDrive. It also has a new UI, with swiping between songs now easier than ever before.

Video Preview app

Like the music app, this new addition provides a player that supports video files of many types, including MKV. You can also browse, filter and sort your collection, including films and shows bought or rented from Xbox Video.

New Camera app

A new Camera application is available to try out, with HDR and video stabilisation abilities, but not all features are working as yet. Those who still want to use full regular functionality should use the previous Lumia Camera app.

How do I get it?

You'll need to be a member of Microsoft's Windows "Insider" program.

Although anyone can join via the Insider program's website, Microsoft recommended that only tech-savvy individuals sign up. They must also have access to a compatible phone running Windows Phone 8.1 to install the preview app and get ahold of the test builds. Make sure it's not a daily-use phone, as it'll run a very early preview that might not be super stable.

Microsoft claimed it hasn't bricked a single phone (aka the phone won't turn on in any way) during all of its internal testing, but it warned that such a situation is still possible, so you should be aware that there is some potential risk. There might also be bugs that prevent access to important features like messaging, phone dialing or other core functionality.

Instructions on how to join the Insider program and get your phone set up are also on the Insider website.

Writing by Rik Henderson.