Microsoft will soon release Office apps described as “universal” for smartphones running the Windows 10 preview.

Microsoft rolled out universal apps for tablets in February with the Windows 10 technical preview, while the Desktop IT pro and developer preview for Office 2016 launched in March, but now the company has confirmed it's getting ready release the Office universal apps with the Windows 10 preview for phones in April.

When it comes to Microsoft Office, Microsoft has announced it is working on Office 2016 apps for Windows 10 desktop machines as well as touch-optimised Office apps for mobile devices. The latter apps will come pre-installed for free on phones and small tablets running Windows 10 and can dynamically change to suit screen sizes.

The Office universal apps for Windows 10 phones so far include Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can learn more about Microsoft's Office universal apps via our in-depth look at the upcoming productivity suite here.

Microsoft also shared some details about the phone apps, especially the Word app, through its Office blog this morning.

Microsoftmicrosoft to add office universal apps to windows 10 phone preview this month image 2