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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has just posted a photo of a smartphone corner on its site along with the line "Want to see #MoreLumia?" clearly referring to its own Lumia device.

Since Nokia Devices was bought by Microsoft we've been waiting for the Nokia name to be dropped from the phones. Whether the Lumia title would stay wasn't clear but it looks like it will.

There have also been leaks, one of which showed a Lumia like smartphone with Microsoft branding. The photos leaked from Chinese website Weibo described a device named RM-1090 which is thought to be the equivalent to a Lumia 520 or 525.

On Microsoft's site it says, "Microsoft is delivering the power of everyday mobile technology to everyone." This would suggest the device being unveiled is a mid-range handset which fits with the Lumia 520 or 525 prediction.

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While that might not be very exciting it's likely Microsoft will be aiming to offer the smartphone at a very affordable price so that everyone can have access to it. The idea being to spread the Windows Phone operating system as widely as possible.

The variety of competition in the affordable handset market would suggest Microsoft either needs to unveil a very impressive handset, or a very cheap one. Check back on 11 November to have all revealed.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.