Following rumours about Microsoft planning to soon kill the Nokia and Windows Phone brands, a new leak has emerged that shows a yet-to-be-announced device bearing a simple "Windows" logo and no other branding.

UK-based My Go, which typically sells ultra-affordable tablets, netbooks and ereaders, is reportedly set to launch its first Windows Phone device. The device will actually be My Go's first "Windows" smartphone. The smartphone surfaced through an unlinked webpage - spotted by Neowin - and currently has a "Confidential - Internal Use Only banner'. The webpage is still accessible nonetheless and shows off a Windows smartphone, indicating the device is not yet ready to launch.

here s what a windows phone looks like without windows phone branding image 3

The webpage not only details all the specs you could want to know about the smartphone but also offers several high-resolution images. One such image provides a closer look at the back of the Windows smartphone, where only the Windows logo can be seen (rather than the traditionally-used Windows Phone logo). You can also see the Windows logo in the header animation at the top of the webpage, though Windows Phone 8.1 is clearly mentioned once in the smartphone's description.

here s what a windows phone looks like without windows phone branding image 2

Internal documents that leaked last week revealed Microsoft will stop marketing the Nokia and Windows Phone brand names this holiday season. One of the slides in the documents reportedly stated: "As part of our phased transition, we will drop the manufacturer name [Nokia] from product references during the Holiday campaign". Microsoft will also no longer use the Windows Phone logo in promotions and commercials. The company instead wants to go with just Windows.

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It has been a few months since Microsoft took control of Nokia's phone business. And it has been more than six months since Microsoft appointed a new chief executive officer, Satya Nadella. With such big internal shakeups, it is no surprise that Microsoft would kill the Nokia and Windows Phone brands and attempt to go with a more simplified Windows brand name.

It therefore looks like My Go's upcoming smartphone - called GoFone GF47W - will be one of the first Windows smartphones to drop the Windows Phone branding. No word yet on pricing or a release date for the handset.