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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft has shown off a new screen sharing device for the Lumia HD-10 which allows users to tap their phone to it and share their screen to whatever it is plugged into.

Once paired whatever is displayed on the phone display will be shown on the big screen that's connected.

Any screen that has an HDMI port can be connected to the Lumia HD-10. That means a lot of older TVs which aren't smart enabled for wireless charing will now be able to offer screen sharing from a mobile.

Since it's a hardwired connection the speed should be instant allowing you to share anything to the screen. Want to load up a YouTube video on your phone in fullscreen and have it shown, with sound on the TV? That shouldn't be a problem. So the Lumia HD-10 effectively allows you to make any TV smart using your mobile phone as the brains. 

Microsoft also announced its second generation of wireless charger plate in the DT-903. This "intelligently alerting people when to charge and highlighting notifications with a subtle glow", says Microsoft.

Both the accessories announced by Microsoft should work with compatible devices. So in the case of the wireless charger it will be limited to phone with wireless charging capabilities. But for the HD-10 it should work with any Lumia that features a port for the cable.

Writing by Luke Edwards.