Microsoft has hinted that it will be cutting up to 18,000 jobs as it lets go nearly 15 per cent of its entire work force. In the same document it was also mentioned that its Android effort with Nokia X devices will also be abandoned.

The company has over 125,000 employees and hasn't fired this many since the economic problems of 2009 when it let 5,800 people go. According to multiple anonymous sources within the company it's booked out offices for most of Thursday to begin the lay-offs.

A 3,100 word memo from CEO Satya Nadella wrote: "We will increase the fluidity of information and ideas by taking actions to flatten the organisation and develop leaner business processes. Culture change means we will do things differently."

Hidden in the same document was the revelation that after bying Nokia recently Microsoft plans to nix the Android Nokia X smartphone as it becomes Windows Phone. Nadella wrote: "We plan to shift select Nokia X product designs to become Lumia products running Windows. This builds on our success in the affordable smartphone space and aligns with our focus on Windows Universal Apps."

It was probably always the plan to use Android apps popularity in order to get Nokia X handsets into less developed countries. Now that transition, which has come sooner than expected, will mean Windows Phone apps can be swapped out to bring those users to Microsoft.

Expect official announcements to appear in the next day or so.

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