Microsoft now owns Nokia mobiles and it looks like it's going to be keeping the name for a little longer at least. These photos have leaked of what's being called the Nokia Lumia 830.

Microsoft is rumoured to be releasing three Windows Phone 8.1 devices in 2014 making this the fourth. Leaked from Chinese microblogging site Weibo this is thought to be the Lumia 820 replacement putting it in the mid-range despite those top-end looks.

The photos show this Lumia 830 will come with an aluminium frame and polycarbonate back similar to the Lumia 830. It also shows the flat form camera that suggests it won't come with the mighty 41-megapixel sensor of the Lumia 1020.

Because of the mid-range specs expected this may actually be the rumoured "Tesla" handset known as the Lumia 730. There isn't enough detail to determine at this stage.

This is a very early stage rumour but the pictures look genuinely like other models. Expect to hear more soon.

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