Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's smartphone business was completed on 25 April and the first new advert from the combined entity has been revealed. 

With the title "Not Like Everyone Else", and using The Kinks music track of the same title, it picks up on the common Nokia theme of colour, promising to make things "a lot more colorful".

The advert opens in a monochrome world with smartphone users perambulating somberly through a world of shadows, punctuated only by our hero, full of knowing smiles and in glorious Ali G colour. 

He draws mute gaping stares, a lust-filled glance from a young lady, the pointing finger of a child, whilst walking down the street listening to his Nokia Lumia 1020, with colour-matched headphones, naturally.

microsoft s post nokia acquisition advert focuses on colour image 2

Following a quick twitch of the eyebrows, he pauses to leer luridly at a preppy young lady fondling a big red Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet through a café window. 

We're left staring at the Microsoft logo, acutely aware of the Nokia hallmark in the top right-hand corner, something of a background superscript.

Nokia and Microsoft may have sealed the deal, we're left pondering whether the colourful characters of its latest advert do too.

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