Microsoft's voice operated personal assistant could be featured on Windows Phone 8.1, under the name of Cortana.

Cortana, named after the artificial intelligence character in the Halo games, is the codename of Microsoft's answer to Siri. According to sources of The Verge, this name might not be used on launch but is what it's going by during production.

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Cortana will appear as a circular animated icon that changes when it's speaking or thinking. The voice-activated assistant will use services sucH as Bing and Foursquare to give it contextual awareness like Google Now. It will also be able to store a user's data in its Notebook to help make future searches more accurate. It will even speak to a user by name, or a nickname, if that option is selected.

Cortana is expected to be unveiled by Microsoft at its upcoming Build conference where a developer preview of Windows Phone 8.1 should be released.

cortana to be unveiled as microsoft s version of siri image 2