Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 1020.

A bit of a mouthful, isn't it? Well that's what Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive officer, thinks too. With Microsoft buying parts of Finnish smartphone company Nokia, namely the devices and services division, many wondered what might come from the deal. It now appears that long, wordy brand names will be a thing of the past for Nokia following the buyout.

During a conference call on Tuesday, Ballmer suggested Microsoft and Nokia could put their heads together while under the same roof to simplify things like device names, according to Engadget.

"We can probably do better for a consumer name than the 'Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 1020,' and yet, because of where both companies are, and the independent nature of the businesses, we haven't been able to shorten that name," said Ballmer.

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Here's hoping the company doesn't go the way of Apple and start dubbing everything "first-generation", "second-generation" and so on. For more ideas - and some potentially whacky ones - that may come from the buyout, check out Pocket-lint's look at the Nokia acquisition.

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