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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft on Wednesday released an update to its Windows Phone App for Desktop, pulling the software out of preview and making it available as a stable build. In addition to the official status of the app, which is especially useful if you find yourself with a Windows Phone (obviously), it has received a few updates that should make your experience a bit better. 

Most notably, Microsoft has further extended the software's support for podcasts, now supporting those who get their podcasts from other sources instead of those just in iTunes. Now, if you have your podcasts saved into a specific folder on your desktop, you can set the Windows Phone App for Desktop software to sync them automatically to your phone. Furthermore, the software can also sync audio files from anywhere on your computer, even if found off your internal disk and on an external hard drive. 

With the update, you'll also find yourself with "many bug fixes." Microsoft says it has "rolled up your feedback on the preview versions and made fixes to improve performance". For updates to the desktop software from now on, you'll be able to grab them right from your desktop, rather than the Windows Phone website as with previous versions. 

The software is pretty useful and reminds us a lot of iTunes. While you won't be able to search a store for content, you can manage the content that is found on your phone. If you have a Windows Phone, we see no reason not to download

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Writing by Jake Smith.