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(Pocket-lint) - As the smartphone competition heats up in 2013, Microsoft has taken advantage of Google Play's openness by infiltrating Google's app marketplace with its own marketing materials. The folk in Redmond have released their "Switch to Windows Phone" app for Android devices, hoping to sway those thinking about switching to Windows Phone away from Google's platform. 

Specifically, the Switch to Windows Phone app allows Android users to see how many of their Android apps are available on Windows Phone. The Switch to Windows Phone app will scan your installed apps and match them with what's available on the Windows Phone Store automatically. 

Say you decide to switch to Windows Phone like Microsoft hopes (hey, we're not judging), you can save your matched results to SkyDrive and retrieve them later on your new Windows Phone. "You don’t need to remember every app you had on your Android, and you download only the apps you want," Microsoft says. Early users have noted bugs with this feature.

It seems like Microsoft has missed a way to market specific devices through the app as it sticks to just app scanning, but perhaps it didn't want to go too agressive, too early. To coincide with the app's launch, Microsoft on Monday released a "Switch to the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone" advertisement, taking digs at Samsung's Galaxy line and Apple's iPhone. Many have noted it as a pretty funny advertisement, but we'll let you judge for yourself. 

In its short availability on Google Play, the Switch to Windows Phone app isn't doing too well with the ratings. It's currently sitting at a 1.6 average rating, with users noting it doesn't provide useful information or an outbound link for the app matches, simply just a list of pictures with a percentage. Users further noted that many matches were third-party apps in many cases and not comparable to what they had on Android.

To make matters worse, it won't provide matches if you have below 50 per cent battery, and instead, you get a "Low battery level" notification. We noticed this on our HTC One sitting at 13 per cent remaining battery. 

Writing by Jake Smith.